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Defeat Information Asymmetry.

"We have to remember that what we observe is not nature in itself but nature exposed to our method of questioning." Werner Heisenberg

How it works

Omniscience is pre-loaded with hundreds of millions of data points for every provider in the United States.

Browse physician relationships, financial data, prescriptions and more, on any device.


Enhance the quality of your internal data set by fusing it with the most current data from Carevoyance.


Escape the confines of your practice reports and see the entire healthcare market. Look up competitors and see growth opportunities.


Visualize affiliations and networks. Engage with referrers, track initiatives and measure success.

Who uses Carevoyance

A simple way to answer complex questions

Forget your old healthcare Business Intelligence tools.

We bring a fresh, modern take on analytics and data vizualization.

Now accessing and analyzing your data is as easy as writing an email.

What you can do on Carevoyance

We enrich your data and identify market opportunities for business expansion. Carevoyance is best for referral network analysis, competitor benchmarking, healthcare market research, talent acquisition, and business development.

Search & Filter

Easy to use and powerful. Search by location, speciality, administrative data and many more criteria.

Research Competitors

See the whole healthcare market. Look up competitor profiles, benchmark, and explore referral relationships.

Objectives and Key Results

Set Objectives for your practice and track progress with quantifiable Key Results.

Pre-cog Smart Lists

Your custom lists update automatically when new data is available and notify you of new opportunities.


Conduct side-by-side comparisons of provider performance metrics.

Any Device, Anywhere

Modern mobile user interface ensure you're never without Carevoyance.


Stale data is sometimes worse than no data. We update ours daily from hundreds of sources.



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Provider relationships




Weekly updates

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