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Explore the market and identify opportunities

Carevoyance Omniscience takes market intelligence and combines it with your company's proprietary data in our powerful mapping, analytics and reporting tools.

We help you make faster, more accurate business-critical decisions. Say hello to the next generation.


Carevoyance Omniscience is an ergonomic suite of integrated tools optimized for semantic, temporal, and geospatial search.

"We were looking for something to help with business intelligence and analytics for our practice. Nothing really stuck until we started using Carevoyance. It looks good, feels right and search just works: Carevoyance delivers a new way of consuming and making sense of data. And all you need is a web-browser. Strong on mobile and desktop, it just makes sense."
-- Barry Howell CEO, Arlington Orthopedic Associates


There are no isolated pieces of information, but rich, connected domains all around us. A database must embrace networks as a core aspect of its data model to store, process, and query connections efficiently. Visualize more layers of your referral network with Carevoyance HealthGraph, and drive more business to your practice.

Precog Smart Lists

Create tailor-made Smart Lists with user-defined filters. Lists update immediately as new data becomes available, and Carevoyance notifies you of any updates. Make informed decisions with the latest data. Work smarter, not harder.

Market Sense

Leverage big data into super-sized results. Market Sense empowers you to identify patterns in referral behavior, understand competitive threats to your specific market, and visualize your referral streams using our unique demographic mapping technology. Because sometimes it really is the little things that matter.


At Carevoyance, we have a strong history of delivering engaging and impactful data visualizations. Our team of designers and engineers understand data and continue to reimagine how people can interact with it.

Maps and GIS

Transform data buried in spreadsheets and relational databases into stunning maps and charts. Produce organized, insightful reports from fragmented data -- all without having to rely on a patchwork of high-overhead, expensive applications. Perform comparative analysis and connect the dots with Carevoyance's enriched data, included in your subscription.

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